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Organization Structure

Non-commercial legal entity Hazelnut Farmers Union’s supreme governing body is the general assembly of members. Each member is actively involved in the daily activities of the Union.

Online questionnaires are the usual way to make decision on any important matter. According to the results of the questionnaire, action plan is created.  The involvement of members in the Union activities is quite high.

The Board consists of 9 members, elected by the members from their ranks for a term of two years.

Board members job is unpaid. The Board monitors every area of the Union and is accountable to its members.

The Board appoints Executive Director.  The Director is responsible for the effective execution of the tasks set by the Union members.

Davit Khurodze

head of the board

Shalva Chkhenkeli

member of the board

Irakli Pelangia

member of the board

David Liparteliani

member of the board

Dimitri Aleksidze

member of the board

Zviadi Bregvadze

member of the board

Giorgi Gotoshia

member of the board

Manana Gochitashvili

member of the board

Irakli Ivanelashvili

member of the board

Otar Sherozia

Executive Director