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about us

The Hazelnut Farmers Union unites the owners of commercial-sized hazelnut plantations in both eastern and western Georgia. Our union is founded by 18 members. The total area of hazelnut plantations currently cultivated by our members is 1960 hectares.

The members of the Hazelnut Farmers Union create the highest quality hazelnuts in Georgia, it is through such quality hazelnuts that Georgian hazelnuts are branded as the highest quality products on the world market.

Nuts have been brought to Georgia since time immemorial. Nuts and hazelnut oil have been one of the main export products for many centuries. Today, the hazelnut industry has become a growing agro direction in Georgia, although there are a number of challenges that a Hazelnut farmer alone cannot cope with.

The aim of the Hazelnut Farmers Union is to help Hazelnut growers, on the one hand, reduce the cost of hazelnut production, on the other hand, to increase yields and selling prices.

The main goals of the union are:

Optimizing the use of pesticides and fertilizers and having exclusively low prices on them;
Provide access to cheap financial resources
Having a high selling price
Introduction of new technologies

We believe that medium-sized commercial plantations play an important role in the development of the field, because it is in such plantations that the latest approaches and technologies are introduced. Commercially successful plantations are a positive example for small plantation owners as well.